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StaffCircle is a multi-channel internal communications platform designed for medium to large organizations, to enhance employee engagement and create a successful company culture.


Staffcircle allows to communicate via articles, surveys and critical updates. All in order to reach your staff with the right message, through the right channel and at the right time. Enjoy dedicated channels, attaching tasks to important company notices, or resend notifications to anyone who hasn't read a message. StaffCircle users can be found in Professional Services, Construction, FM/Maintenance Services, Distribution, Manufacturing, Logistics, Transport, and Local Government.

Staffcircle Pricing

StaffCircle is available in three pricing plans, determined upon the number of employees. Business version is the basic pricing plan, available for companies, employing up to 750 people. It costs £5,220 per year. Medium-sized companies, having from 750 to 2500 employees, shall choose the Corporate Version, paying £15,216/year. Those, who employ more than 2500 employees, have to buy the Enterprise version, paying £39,000/year.

Staffcircle Features

StaffCircle extends and unifies two-way internal communications to all workers with articles, polls, alerts, awards, objectives, feedback, tasks and appraisals. All within a single, intuitive platform.

Employee Engagement tracking – Monitor employee sentiment trends using an easy-to-use “Happy or Not” one-tap surveys to see how your workforce feels over time. Gather their feedback and encourage the behaviors you want to see by reinforcing the company core values.

Performance management – Improve your company’s performance, aligning employee objectives with corporate priorities, emphasizing areas that need attention and enabling faster, better informed decision making. Set up a quick and consistent review process. Link company, department, and individual objectives to track company performance at a glance or analyze carefully the performance of given individuals.

Rewards & Awards StaffCircle will also help you create a recognition culture where small actions can be celebrated behaviors, whenever your team embodies the values of your organization. Reduce employee turnover, reward desirable behaviors and develop your crew.

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