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Being a powerful email marketing solution that can be seamlessly integrated with most third-party apps and systems, SharpSpring is designed primarily for SMBs. It can provide their online marketers with all the functionalities they may need, including track incoming sales and prospects, social management tools, landing page & blog builders, as well as CRM and email functionalities to communicate with and update customers on relevant developments. The solution accelerates workflows as it stores all key sales and marketing materials in a single location. What’s interesting with SharpSpring – it does not require any long-term agreements or licenses. The users can sign up month to month. The price can be also a bargain for many, as it costs 1/3 of the overall prize for other tools.

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SharpSpring Pricing

The set of tools and functionalities in SharpSpring varies in 5 different pricing plans. The basic is designed for 1,500 Contacts. It costs $450 per month. If you want more contacts, you can explore then 10,000 Contacts plan, available for $650 per month. For $875 per month you can order the 20,000 Contacts plan.

SharpSpring Features

Custom Landing Pages – Use SharpSpring to create landing pages and funnels that can convert visitors into leads in few moments. The dynamic web content it provides can be modified in accordance with visitor attributes and interest to drive more conversations. These are made possible with the tool’s easy-to-use interface that does not require any coding skills.

Lead Engagement – The software brings in an intuitive visual workflow builder that makes marketing automation straight and simple. Users can exploit branching logic as a means to engage leads during crucial stages of their purchase journeys. Thanks to customizable buyer personas you can target messaging, receiving also daily lists of strong leads through email, which can be easily converted into sales. Lead scoring, meanwhile, is done based on page tracking, engagement, fit and more factors, facilitating the prospects identification process.

Quick Lead Identification – Lead identification can be a breeze with SharpSpring. They can be tracked as the software provides visibility into your leads pipeline. Users can make their own fields, deal stages and filters, which are useful in handling their distinct sales processes.

Dynamic Forms – Generate customizable forms, containing reorder fields i.e. Drag & drop functionality allows to modify forms with easy. Regular visitors can benefit from the autocomplete option, which will make your website not only visually pleasurable, but can also improve conversion rates as well.

Customer support

SharpSpring’s experts have prepared a large knowledgebase and FAQ sections, providing plenty of step-by step instructions, tutorials and definitions. Of course you can submit an online ticket as well or chat with some expert and get a contextual help in the app.