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Salonist is a cloud-based software specially intended for Spa and Salons to manage their daily activities effectively.


Salonist is a business management software, designed specifically for salons, spas health centers, barber shops and any other beauty parlors. Loaded with manifold tools and functionalities, Salonist provides its own POS (Point of Sale) system, payroll management capabilities, inventory management tools, finance management, and appointment scheduler among others. Robust business management tools will cover your entire business cycle, from managing clients, through staff scheduling, to accepting payments and monitoring items in your inventory. It will bring in a comprehensive suite of accounting tools to help you stay on top of your finances plus commissions/bonus calculators in addition to its impressive payroll features. The tool can also help you stay on top of your product usages and offer discounts and promos to customers. What is more, Salonist also works perfect for employees, who can track their working days, note their absences, sick and vacation leaves, among others. With its user-friendly interface, Salonist can be smoothly used by novices, enabling them to quickly familiarize themselves with the tool and make the best use of it.

Pros and cons

One of the things users love most about Salonist is its easy to-use, intuitive interface and worldwide access on mobile devices, giving them a chance to manage staff, products, discounts and track product usage.


  • Simplifies staff management
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Traces product bar usage and backbar cost
  • Automatically calculates promos, discounts and offers based on your scales
  • Helps one eliminate financial irregularities
  • Keeps customer records
  • Good customer support
  • Great, fully responsive mobile app


  • Lacks multilingual versions
  • Can minimize the customer gathering details


1. Which operating systems does Salonist support?

Salonist supports Android and iOS devices on mobile and Windows and Mac devices for desktop users.

2. What are the available payment cycles for Salonist?

You can choose either monthly or yearly payments, with annual subscription being of course more profitable.

3. For whom Salonist is designed?

Salonist aims to cater for startups and SMBs, as well as enterprises.

4. What is the deployment type?

Salonist has a cloud-based deployment type.

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Salonist Pricing

Salonist is offered in 2 major pricing plans, Basic and Premium, both guaranteeing an unlimited number of users. The basic plan, costing $49 per month, has a limited set of features. However, it does provide quick billing, enquiry management with followups, automatic services/appointment notifications, complete sales trend reporting or birthday automatic greetings. Premium plan extends the tools functionalities, introducing SMS management, favorite/preferred stylist option, reward points collection, membership management, customer profile management, customer history, product billing, inventory management and many more. You can check whether Salonist suits your needs, testing the tool within a 14-days free trial period.

Price (number): 49
Price (number): 99
Price (number): 49
Price (number): 99
Price (number): 49
check Unlimited Users
check Quick Billing
check Enquiry Management with followups
check Appointment Notifications
check Birthday Automatic Greetings
check Prepaid Or Ewallet
check Online Booking widget for website with Slots
check Complete Sales Trend Reporting
Price (number): 99

Salonist Features

Customers Data –Dedicated customer tracking software keeps one updated with the customer’s purchasing communication history. Using its convenient approach, you can have a unique prospect of your customer while organizing your work. Set up customer grouping. Set your priorities once and the CRM software will automatically group customers. Group Customers can easily get the applicable special rewards points and discounts.

Tracking products and services – Keep a close eye on your stocks and make sure that you are adequately supplied to keep up with the demand of your customers. Control your spending and optimize products usage. Salonist allows users to track not just the inventory, but also monitor the sums spent on products and services.

Inventory management –Enjoy straightforward inventory management with Salonist. The tool ensures 100% accuracy in product inventory. It helps you provide enough products in stock for sales and business promotion.

Analytics Services – Salonist gives error-free analytics services. Determine the well-being of your salon and spa business, taking further steps for its expansion and development. Salonist automatically shows appointment charts and the total number of customers you have to serve.

Employee Appointment Management – Use Salonist to manage your employees and pay them as per their performance. Organize the work  of your staff with ease and instruct them to take care of appointments with customers within a few clicks.

What Salonist is not

Salonist is designed to cater to various branches of beauty industry. It can be surely beneficial for  barber shops, hair salons, massage therapists, SPA salons, bridal salons, nail salons, medical spa centers and aesthetics clinics.

Customer support

In case of any questions, you can find the answers writing at or dialing +1 (877) 893-2591. Many issues are comprehensively explained in the Videos sections, comprising introductions, step-by-step tutorials and success stories. 


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