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Pipefy is a cloud-based process management solution. Concentrating on lean processes and Kanban method.


Pipefy helps organizations of any size to organize and improve efficiency of business processes, reduce costs and prevent mistakes. The platform is highly customizable and does not require advanced IT skills. It is suitable for any industry and department, from marketing, finance, IT to shared services. The main logic behind the solution is to standardize all the processes by dividing them into stages and phases with individual actions and requirements (using a broad variety of process templates and predefined structures). Thanks to powerful automation features, the software enables companies to quickly manage even the most complex workflows with multiple participants. Additional features include automated email sending, an integrated database (with customer records, product information etc.), a calendar with task assignment, SLA management and more. Team collaboration tools and broad integration options with third-party software complete the picture.


Pros and Cons

Pipefy offers an intuitive interface and a solid set of tools for process management. It does not require almost any IT expertise. It is worth noting, however, that the solution may not satisfy the needs of more demanding and advanced users.



- highly customizable

- no programming skills required

- free plan without time limitation

- open API for integrations



- limited reporting functionality

- mobile app need further development

- lack of conditional logic in lower pricing plans


What Pipefy is not about

Pipefy is a software designed to help companies build and manage their processes. Available tools concentrate on creating workflows, repetitive manual work automation, guiding the team etc. Its functionalities do not fall into a wider group of professional project management solutions with team collaboration tools, file sharing and more (like Trello, Slack). The platform would not be suitable for IT support service businesses, as it does not cover bug tracking and ticketing features. 

It is worth highlighting, that Pipefy – although letting companies to store some customer data – is not a CRM-class software as well. It does not include a full functionality for keeping track of sales representatives activities, increasing lead capturing efficiency and so on.


Customer Support

Pipefy’s help center consists of a few elements. There is a constantly growing knowledge database with articles (advice, tips and tricks, answers to the most common questions etc.) from the support team. The team can be contacted via message channel available on the website and as an in-app chat as well. Additional value is provided with free webinars. Training sessions are scheduled every week. Recordings from previous sessions are available on Pipefy’s webinar page. For Enterprise plan there is an additional option to get help via individual video conference.



1. Is there a minimum time for a contract? Can I change plans freely?

Pricing plans for Pipefy are monthly-based. Changes can be arranged at any moment, however resulting differences in costs may need prior contact with the billing team.

2. Can I try Pipefy for free?

Absolutely. There is a completely free plan available. It works as a standalone plan (not a time-limited trial) with basic functionality. Ideal for small teams and anyone who wants to check if the solution would work for his business.

3. You mention pipes in the process management context. What is a pipe?

Pipe is a basic concept for Pipefy. It is a set of elements that ta business process is built upon. It consists of forms, fields, phases, execution rules etc.

4. Can I export data from my Pipefy account?

Yes. Data can be exported to Excel files using the reporting module. You just need to select a pipe and choose suitable columns for your report.


Pipefy Pricing

There are four pricing plans to choose from. They differ in both functionality and data limitation. Starting option is a free plan, which is recommended for small teams (up to 5 users). It is a great way to test Pipefy’s value for a company as well. Professional is offered for $9 per user/month with recommendation for up to 10 users. For $18 per user/month managers can work with Business version with greatly increased functionality and suitable for teams operating on a larger scale. Business is an option recommended for 10-50 users. Enterprise, on the other hand, is a custom plan designed for global corporations and most demanding users. Pricing is quoted individually in that case.

There is a 20% discount included with yearly payment. Credit card is not required. Free plan includes basic functionalities. It allows users to create up to 5 pipes (processes) based on templates and use 1 automation rule. There are 2 GB of storage space available and database with customer or process details can hold up to 500 records.

Starting with Professional, all commercial plans does not limit the quantity of managed processes. Professional adds multiple features like chat support, automation event conditioning, field customization and SLA control. Database limitations are substantially reduced (up to 5000 records and 5 GB storage).

Apart from more storage space (20 GB,10 000 database records) and more automation rules available, Business plan introduces advanced features like field conditionals, API access, private pipes and more. Increased security is offered with admin controls and data recovery. Business plan introduces additional feature – guest users – as well. 

Enterprise is a plan build for and with the customer. Most of the features are customized and there are almost no usage limitations. Two-factor authentication, database import and an assigned customer service manager add extra value. 

Monthly payment?
Annual payment?
Free trial?
Free plan?
Small teams
Price: 0 USD
Price: 9 USD
Price: 18 USD
Small teams
Price: 0 USD
Price: 9 USD
Price: 18 USD
Small teams
Price: 0 USD
check Up to 5 pipes
check Up to 10 users
check 1 automation rule
check Pipe Templates
check Email Templates
check Public Forms
check Mobile app
Price: 9 USD
check Up to 5 automation rules
check Advanced reporting
check Unlimited Pipe
check Connections
check Pipe SLAs
check Chat Support (8AM-5PM EST)
check Late and expired cards
Price: 18 USD
check Up to 15 automation rules
check Admin controls and user roles
check Organization level reporting
check Field conditionals
check Data recovery
check Unlimited API access
check Private Pipes
check Custom # of automation rules
check Two-Factor
check Authentication
check Customer success manager
check Custom Email Domain
check Single Sign-On
check Google Apps authentication
check Scaled database records
check Scaled data storage
check Professional services
check Data migration

Pipefy Features

Process automation

Pipefy enables businesses to create automated workflows. Specific events can automatically trigger an action. Thanks to conditions, managers can easily manage even complex events.

Forms with conditional logic

The solution is equipped with a wide range of tools to create dynamic content. Flow of processes in a company rarely follows a linear path. Pipefy allows to create forms with conditions – individual fields or whole sections hide or reveal information based on previous input.

Integrated database

Pipefy’s database helps to keep all the business information on customers, suppliers and products in one place. It offers a high level of security and performance. Additional advantage of the integrated system is common access to the data for every team member, reducing number of duplicates etc.

Calendar view

Visualization of the due activities. It can display data on a monthly, weekly or daily layout. The calendar is available for every Pipefy user as an additional module.

SLA management

Standard level agreements of the company’s processes can be easily tracked thanks to Pipefy’s alert functionality. Managers can control the deadlines and time spent in each process phase.

Private pipes

Some processes contain sensitive information, which should not be available for every worker. Access to specific processes can be easily restricted with Private Pipes feature. Only invited users would be allowed.

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4.6 /5

Ease of use
Customer Support
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