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Built by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents, KnockWise is a revolutionary real estate door knocking app. It was specifically designed for real estate CRM farming and door to door knocking. Knock with knowledge (up to date and free geo-property data), notation, follow-up coaching, & key performance indicators. Draw conclusions from your visits and prepare better for the next ones. Map your real estate farm to get accurate homeowner and market data on-demand through Knockwise. It’s the first door to door knocking software app to offer true homeowner title and MLS data. Whether you're an estate agent or other industry sales professional, you should give Knockwise a try, as it can considerably change your efficiency and productivity. Don’t wait any longer and check out the free Trial.

KnockWise Pricing

Unfortunately the vendor does not specify the price. Contact Knockwise and get a full cost calculation for your company. Also, try out the free trial and check whether you like Knockwise.


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KnockWise Features

From task automation to personal customer service, Knockwise includes a decent amount of features in terms of contact management, campaign management, segmentation and reporting. The top three are described below.

Geo-Mapping Data – Choose your region, then canvas a shape in the desired walking area. After a moment you will watch property owner data automatically load. View the records in a spreadsheet view or on a map, coming with details for each of the properties.

Follow-ups – Use your own follow-up methods or follow the tool’s guidance. All in order to build firm relationships with your clients and increase your conversion!

Performance Review – Once you’ve cycled a farm, you can review your timed knocking performance, identify patterns & apply the knowledge to your next activities.

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4.6 /5

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