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HubSpot CRM

With a great price point for small businesses, including a free option, HubSpot CRM is a great solution for any marketing and sales teams.


Hubspot CRM is a cloud-based, customer relationship management platform, helping companies of all sizes track, nurture leads and analyze their business metrics. It automates many CRM tedious tasks, saving lots of time and energy. On the other hand, it is smart and intuitive, bringing in all the necessary features in a clear way. Designed to be a platform that allows sales teams to get started quickly, without changing too much in their existing workflow, Hubspot can be a great choice for firms that are exploring the value of CRM and want to try it out thoroughly.


Pros and cons

Hubspot CRM distinguishes itself with a simple, intuitive interface, offering free marketing, sales and service tools. All in order to increase the productivity of your teams and improve the core area – customer experience.


  • The software is available completely for free. Any company, regardless of its budget, can use HubSpot CRM at no cost and integrate it with just as many business systems and applications as they need to.
  • You can link it to all places and locations where your sales processes are taking place, including websites, email service providers, social media profiles, phone call, and more.
  • Intuitive interface that doesn’t require any training or complex installations to master.
  • Importing leads as easy as a single click of the button.
  • Advanced filtering capabilities for customizable dashboard views.
  • Advanced search features enabling to save significant amounts of time locating particular contact records.
  • Constantly developed software, with new updates, features, functionalities or integrations.
  • Calendar view for scheduling Social posts.


  • No ability to send a document and have it signed by the prospect.
  • Unable to add multiple email addresses to a single contact record.
  • Some users complained about the big gap in prices (between the free and advanced ones).


What isn’t Hubspot?

Please have in mind that Hubspot is not an end-to-end solution, even though it may appear to be one. It is designed to facilitate your inbound marketing efforts, not doing the whole job for you. Therefore it won’t generate results all by itself. Investing in it, be sure that you know how to use the powerful tools it provides. Or maybe consider choosing some less-robust software, like Really Simple Systems CRM.


Who uses Hubspot CRM?

HubSpot software is suitable for any B2B or B2C businesses in various segments, including e.g. accounting, construction, retail, real estate and more. It helps small and medium sized businesses to manage their customers effectively.


First steps with Hubspot

Hubspot prepared comprehensive FAQ sections and posts, advising you how to start using Hubspot effectively. However, the best solutions can be find on its blog page, in an article devoted solely to it. How to Set Up HubSpot CRM in 5 Days clearly explains the stages of the process, clarifying what a particular part of the setup actually is, how does it work and what benefits would it bring for you. Starting from email integration, through creating filters to organize your emails and contacts. Having prepared all this it’s time to import your historical records from your old system into HubSpot. Having done all that, you are ready to define your deal stages and organize your sales. Then create a lead ad and start generating some new leads. Integrate your existing website with HubSpot CRM and capture your visitors. All the basic set-up is done. Therefore, the last, seventh step is to invite your team and start the party with Hubspot.


Customer Support

Hubspot CRM is renowned for its intuitive interface. However, the first setups may be intimidating for some inexperienced users. If you feel that you need some assistance, you can use one of the few ways of contact. Contact Hubspot directly by phone or Live Chat, or take your question to the community forum. Check out the comprehensive FAQ section, divided into dozens of areas, where Hubspot’s experts prepared many answers for the most frequently occurring issues.




1. What is the Growth Suite exactly? 

It’s a special bundle offering 25% off the standalone prices of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub when purchased together.


2. Which browsers are supported by HubSpot?

The browsers supported in Windows are Google Chrome (the latest version), Mozilla Firefox (the latest version), and Internet Explorer (9 and above). When it comes to OS X systems, they support Google Chrome (the latest version), Safari (the latest version), and Mozilla Firefox (the latest version).


 3. Is there a limit to HubSpot CRM users?

There is no limit to the number of users you can add in as CRM users, which is the same model HubSpot follows for the marketing suite. Have in mind, though as if you want to use premium tools, you have to prepare some premium money.


4. Is it possible to use Hubspot CRM without the marketing automation platform?

Of course, you can use the free Hubspot CRM version and see on your own example whether it’s necessary for you to adopt the marketing automation tools.


5. Is there a Mobile App for Hubspot?

Sure thing. There is an official app, enabling you to enjoy Hubspot while on the go. It can be installed on iOS devices running iOS 9 or later or on Android devices running Android 4.1 or later.

HubSpot CRM Pricing

What’s great about Hubspot CRM, is that it’s basic version is available for free. It’s not a trial, but a full-time one, so you can enjoy quite an impressive amount of features as long as you wish. Once you decide to upgrade your plan, there are several variants (Hubs) designed for particular areas you want to upgrade in your client management workflow. Therefore you can find pricing plans for marketing, sales and service, as well as a growth suite one, the most expensive, yet comprehensive, comprising all the previously mentioned ones. Each of the hubs offer a Starter plan, which costs always €46/month for 1 user. The more advanced, Professional plan includes 5 users and a more comprehensive set of features. It is available for €368 in Service and Sales Hub, up to €1107 in the Growth Suite one. There is also the top Enterprise plan, designed for 10 users simultaneously, currently available for €1104 for Sales and Service hubs and €3864 for the Growth Suite version.


Pricing Table and Features

Monthly payment?
Annual payment?
Free trial?
Free plan?
Price: 100% free with no time limit
check Client Tracking
check Email Response Control
check List Management
Price: €46/month
check Client Tracking
check Email Response Control
check List Management
Price: €740/month
check Client Tracking
check Email Response Control
check List Management
Price: €2,200/month
check Client Tracking
check Email Response Control
check List Management
Price: 100% free with no time limit
check Client Tracking
check Email Response Control
check List Management
Price: €46/month
check Client Tracking
check Email Response Control
check List Management
Price: €740/month
check Client Tracking
check Email Response Control
check List Management
Price: €2,200/month
check Client Tracking
check Email Response Control
check List Management
Price: 100% free with no time limit
check Contact management
check Contact & company insights
check Company records
check Gmail & Outlook integration
check Documents
check Forms
check Contact activity
check Facebook & Instagram
check Lead ads
check Canned snippets
check Email scheduling
check Email tracking notifications
check Email templates
check Conversations inbox
check Team email
check Live chat
check Conversational bots
check Calling
check Meetings
check Deals
check Tasks
check Ticketing
check Reporting dashboard
check Prospects
Price: €46/month
check Conversation routing
check CRM Features
check Custom support form fields
check Email & chat to ticket
check Email marketing
check Email sequences
check HubSpot branding removed
check Lead qualification bots
check Lists
check Live chat
check Meeting booking bots
check Meeting scheduling
check Mobile optimization
check Ticket creation bots
Price: €740/month
check 1:1 video creation
check A/B testing
check Attribution reporting
check Custom reporting
check Customer feedback
check Goal-based nurturing
check Knowledge base
check Landing pages
check Marketing automation
check Multiple currencies
check Multiple ticket pipelines
check Phone support
check Products
check Quotes
check Required fields
check Salesforce integration
check Smart content
check Smart notifications
check Smart send times
check Standard SSL certificate
check Subdomain availability
check Support bots
check Teams
check Video hosting & management
Price: €2,200/month
check Calculated properties
check Call transcription & reporting
check CMS membership
check Content partitioning
check Custom event reporting
check Custom event triggers
check Custom reporting
check Email send frequency cap
check eSignature
check Event-based segmentation
check Goals
check Playbooks
check Predictive lead scoring
check Quote approvals
check Recurring revenue tracking
check Single sign-on

HubSpot CRM Features

Advanced reporting and dashboards

Hubspot CRM allows to report all data contained within the system. All displayed in an easy to read, often single page, distinguishing itself  with great graphical presentation of current status and historical trends. Equipped with such data, users are able to analyze market situation and project sales revenue.


Contact management

The software also enables you to enjoy up to one million contacts with no expiration date for free. Sort and filter your customer and lead details by sales stage, deal ownership, demographics, social media, activity, email information and analytics history.


Opportunity & Pipeline Management

Manage sales opportunities through an entire lifecycle from lead to product or service order. Control stages, values, and probabilities of close. Manage sales pipelines by individual sales rep, team, region, and company-wide.



Various e-mail templates with multiple personalization features. All to help users create less generic messages. You can also create folders to organize your email templates and use them, depending on which team you’re in (sales, client service, operations and others).

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HubSpot CRM Integrations

Slack – Get HubSpot tasks, notifications and slash commands directly within Slack. Stay connected to activities in HubSpot by receiving notifications within Slack. Stay connected to activities in HubSpot by getting proper notifications within Slack.

SurveyMonkey – The HubSpot and SurveyMonkey integration brings surveys closer to your inbound marketing strategy, enabling you to view the respondents’ answers right within your contact database, as well as group contacts based on how their responded to various questions.

Salesforce – Keep your marketing and sales databases in perfect harmony, integrating Hubspot with Salesforce. Send valuable lead intelligence to your sales team. Personalize your marketing emails, segment databases and send emails on behalf of a lead’s assigned rep using Salesforce contacts and accounts details.

Facebook Ads – Integrate your Facebook Ads account with HubSpot and never struggle to report on the success of your Facebook Ads again. Attribute ads directly to contacts that interact with them. Make use of the CRM deals and understand exactly how your ads drive results to your bottom line.

MailChimp - Sync Your CRM to Your ESP. Integrate Hubspot with MailChimp and add your contacts to Mailchimp lists.


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