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Designed for data-driven marketers, CallRail measures call conversions from search, offline and digital marketing campaigns, including PPC keywords. The tool helps one review and annotate phone calls. Recording the calls, it also facilitates leads qualification, enhances customer service and staff coaching. CallRail can be particularly helpful, when you want to get a detailed picture of your customer, tracking his visitor journey. Thanks to call tracking you can manage manifold locations, customers or companies from a single account, driving your ROI. Call tracking numbers can be setup in minutes and the call flow builder will make it easier to create custom call routing for businesses. CallRail can be deployed on various devices and operating systems, incl. OS X, iOS, Windows, Android and even Linux.

Pros and cons


  • Cost effective
  • Easy to set up and use
  • PPC tracking
  • Form tracking
  • Campaign tracking
  • Dynamic number insertion
  • Lots of integrations


  • Menus navigation can be confusing at times
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to get ahold the customer support
  • Some users complain about the necessary internet connection, enabling one to listen the calls


1. How does CallRail work?

The tool instantly delivers a tracking phone number that forwards to your main phone number. This way, when your customers dial the new tracking number, the call is forwarded by CallRail, while you answer your main phone normally, like you usually do. In the meantime, CallRail gathers statistics, which can be reviewed online in real-time

2. How to install CallRail call tracking on my website?

The vendor provides a simple javascript code that your webmaster can install on your website. It dynamically replaces the phone numbers on your website when a visitor from an appropriate traffic source is detected (for instance, from Google Ads).

3. Having multiple clients, can I create a separate login for each client?

Yes, you can create separate companies and client logins for different clients within your account. Of course each of the clients will have access only to their call tracking data.

4. What about business running seasonally. Can I disable the account during the off season?

It’s not possible to temporarily disable an account. However, you can cancel the account and reactivate it whenever you’re ready to start re-running your ads.

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CallRail Pricing

CallRail is offered in two pricing plans, the Call Tracking and Analytics Suite. The first one gives you the tools to tie your calls, get granular details and optimize customer experience. The second one extends functionalities to analytics tools, allowing to properly allocate your marketing resources with ROI and cost per lead reporting. Call Tracking version costs $45 per month, while the Analytics Suite is available for $95 per month. For those, who’d like to personalize their set of features, there is a Custom plan available as well with the price negotiated individually. You can also try the 14-day trial period, which is absolutely free, giving you a chance to explore the tool and see whether CallRail suits you.

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