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Calendly is scheduling software which works with user calendar to automatically check availability and helps it connect with its best contacts and clients. It works with Google, Outlook or iCloud.


A software designed to facilitate scheduling. Set up appointments without the back-and-forth emails, regardless whether it’s a conference, call or a meeting with client. No more double booking. No more missed appointments or empty time slots. With Calendly, you can create a landing page, where your stakeholders decide when they want to meet with you. Working with your calendar, Calendly automates appointment scheduling, letting you save your time. The tool is available as an online app, offering all the core features to everyone, who signs up. Premium plan allows users to benefit from some advanced functionalities, such as: customization of automated reminders and notifications, redirection of invitees to a page on one’s website and metrics and reporting tools. For more differences, check out the “Pricing” section.


Pros and Cons

Calendly lets you set up appointments in minutes, facilitating the scheduling process and saving your time. It integrates with various calendar systems, as well as payment gateway providers, being a convenient assistant in daily business. On the other hand, the basic version lacks some functionalities, with limitation to one calendar as the most striking one.


  • Handling the whole scheduling process, the software saves time.
  • Easy to configure and use.
  • Cloud based.
  • Clear interface.
  • Smooth synchronization with Google Calendar.
  • Automatic timezone detection and adjustment.
  • Various personalization options, allowing to create custom looking calendars.


  • No event performance analytics.
  • The free version allows to connect only one calendar.


Customer Support

Due to the small size of the team, Calendly experts provide only an email support. The team is ready to help you from Monday to Friday from 8AM till 6PM Eastern Time.




1. Can calendly be integrated with Outlook?

Sure thing. Once integrated, Calendly will be allowed to check Outlook for conflicts and to add events to it.


2. Is Calendly GDPR compliant?

The developer ensures that Calendly is fully committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


3. Does Calendly have a Mobile App?

Yes. There are mobile apps designed for iOS and Android systems, bringing you the power of scheduling while on-the-go.

Calendly Pricing

Calendly software is offered in three pricing plans, two of which are paid. Basic plan is available for free, offering the fundamental functionalities and being an attractive proposition for individual users and small businesses. It lets one connect the app with the most popular calendars and schedule unlimited events, which is a great asset. Moreover, it can automatically notify you about any new meetings, changes and cancelations. Bigger companies shall focus on the Premium Plan. It costs $8 per month per user (billed annually) providing all basic features extended by team collaboration, customized email notifications, reminders, reporting and metrics. Last, but not least, there is the Pro version, available for $12 per month per user (billed annually). It is the most comprehensive solution, recommended to the largest players. Apart from having all lower plans’ features, it includes SMS notifications and most importantly – an integration with PayPal and Salesforce, allowing to collect money for the organized meetings (i.e. webinars).

Monthly payment?
Annual payment?
Free trial?
Free plan?

$0 totally free

check Calendar integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook and iCloud
check Schedule unlimited events
check 1 event type
check Personalized Calendly link (e.g.
check Automated event notifications
check Intercom integration
check Knowledge Base access
check Standard Email Support

$8 per user per month

check Removable Calendly branding
check Pooled availability options for teams (round robin, collective scheduling, multiple team members on one page)
check Group events (for tours, webinars, classes, etc.)
check Customizable email notifications and reminders
check Add links to event confirmation pages
check Metrics and reporting
check Over 700 app integrations with Zapier
check Custom integrations with webhooks
check Zoom integration
check GoToMeeting integration
check 3 hours Email support
check Live Chat +10 users

$12 per user per month

- Premium plus - SMS notifications - Invitee redirect - Salesforce integration and support

check SMS notifications
check Invitee redirect
check Salesforce integration and support
check Stripe integration
check PayPal integration
check Google Analytics integration

Calendly Features

Calendar Integration – You can integrate Calendly with your Google, Office 365, Outlook or iCloud Calendar and avoid any calendar conflicts or double-booking. Also, it synchronizes the agendas, adding any new events automatically.

Team scheduling – Calendly’s paid versions can be really beneficial for team scheduling, as they automate the whole process. You can see the entire company or department's availability on one convenient page. It also allows to distribute events round robin and lets invitees meet with multiple team members. All coming with clear payment rules and one centralized billing.

Automatic notifications – Thanks to customizable confirmation and reminder emails or texts, the no-show rate won’t be an issue anymore.

Calendly Alternatives

Bookeo – Bookeo offers online scheduling and appointment management functionalities for different types of business and individual users. At its beginnings it served small businesses and freelancers. Now, with more functionalities available, it can also work for bigger companies.

Doodle – An online-based tool working as a freemium, which enables users to download, install and use it for free, having some paid tiers they can select to purchase and enjoy additional features. It helps one automate his or her scheduling.

SimplyBook.Me – An online booking platform designed to streamline booking and scheduling procedures. It works on desktop and mobile devices, allowing customers to make bookings 24/7 from any location.

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