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Academus CRS

Academus CRS. Classroom interactivity software . Free student app


Academus CRS comes from the Greek company Polytech. It’s a classroom management tool, aimed to facilitate the everyday life of education professionals. Hence, it includes such features as attendance management, class summary, individualized assessments, lesson plans, report cards, real-time chats, audio, image and video support and many more. One of its most powerful functionalities comes with the mobile app and real-time integration, offering ad hoc integrations between the student and the teacher. The second one can e.g. interactively monitor, in real-time and per session, student responses to the questions, evaluate their reports and create reports that can be exported to MS Excel.

Academus CRS Pricing

The vendor does not provide too many pricing details. Academus CRS costs 99€/one time per user.

Academus CRS Features

Question builder – A module that allows the teacher to create and assign parameters to quizzes by using MS Office Power Point or Word, all in an easy and convenient way.

Response Management – This feature allows to collect, visualize and manage real time responses from students supporting 50 simultaneous online users (up to 250 in advanced configuration).

Class management module – provides a database for administering students and their responses, as well as storing and editing quizzes, evaluating and analyzing all data and creating various custom made reports.

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4.4 /5

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